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If you're looking for a place where you can use your skills and expertise to make a difference, consider CHS. As the nation's leading cooperative, we help farmers feed the world.

Our Drivers

Our customers count on us to deliver. Thanks to our drivers, we do.

Whether they're hauling refined fuels, lubricants, propane, anhydrous ammonia, animal feed, crop nutrients or other products, our drivers deliver the products our customers need safely and on time.

Apply to CHS if you're looking to continue or expand your driving career.

We offer opportunities across the wide geography in which we do business, which means we likely have a driver opportunity near you. In addition, we offer benefits and programs to support our employees' physical, financial, social and emotional well-being. We offer medical, dental and vision insurance, a pension plan, 401(k) retirement plan and profit sharing, tuition reimbursement and adoption assistance. We also offer continued learning and development opportunities for employees

Safety is our first priority, meaning that we focus on driver training and providing the latest safety technology and newest equipment.

Drive for our Transportation team
CHS Transportation specializes in the transportation of bulk liquid, petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products. Drivers must be 21 years or older, pass all DOT requirements, have a clean driving record and a Class A CDL. We give preference to candidates with hazmat, tanker endorsements and a minimum of two years or 200,000 miles of verifiable experience as a tractor trailer driver. In addition to getting you started with safe, well-maintained equipment that includes safety features such as lane control, we provide ongoing training to ensure you're up-to-date on current industry and safety-related topics. Each year, our team of drivers log more than 35 million miles delivering products to our customers safely, efficiently and on time. See current driver openings below.

Drive for our company-owned retail locations
With retail operations in more than 450 communities in 16 states, drivers haul a variety of products including bulk liquid, petroleum, liquified petroleum gas (LPG), anhydrous ammonia, crop nutrients, animal feed and more. Roles can also include custom applicator. Most roles require a valid CDL A or CDL B. See driver openings for specific requirements. We offer both full-time and seasonal opportunities.

Keep products moving and drivers on the road
It takes a team of supply chain, logistics and operations experts to ensure our drivers can deliver the products our customers need safely and on time. If you enjoy the challenge of managing loads, scheduling and tracking orders, monitoring inventories and more, you can play a key role in keeping our drivers on the road.

Not a driver, but love working around big rigs? We've got many local opportunities that will put you behind the controls of the latest in agricultural equipment or behind the tools to keep them running. Visit our website for a current list of openings.

Who we are
CHS is the nation's largest farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods business.

Most of our business is conducted in rural America, where we sell cooperatives and farmers everything, they need to grow healthy, profitable crops. Products like fertilizer, seed, crop protection products, agronomic expertise, financing, fuel, lubricants for their machinery, and propane to dry their crops after harvest and warm their homes. Then, we buy our customers' grain and sell it to food and feed companies all over the world.

CHS excels at managing commodity marketing supply chains and logistics around the world, and operates petroleum refineries/pipelines and manufactures, markets and distributes Cenex® brand refined fuels, lubricants, propane and renewable energy products.

You can find our current driver opportunities below
with specific information about each individual position.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to call us at (877) 774-7539.


Effective January 6, 2020, the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires employers to conduct a pre-employment verification full query against the newly established License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse prior to beginning employment requiring a valid commercial driver's license (CDL). Candidates seeking employment in a position that requires a commercial motor vehicle license must voluntarily enter their information into the FMCSA and must provide disclosure authorization, at the time of offer, to CHS or an authorized third-party agent of CHS to verify information.
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Job Title
 Driver/Delivery Spec Topeka, KS   CHS Inc   Topeka, KS 
 Driver, Hazmat Truck - Rosemount, MN   CHS Inc   Rosemount, MN 
 Driver/Delivery Spec.-KC   CHS Inc   Kansas City, MO 
 Driver, Hazmat Truck - Glendive, MT   CHS Inc   Glendive, MT 
 Driver, Hazmat Truck - Kalispell, MT   CHS Inc   Kalispell, MT 
 Driver, Hazmat Truck - Lynden, WA   CHS Inc   Lynden, WA 
 Driver, Hazmat Truck - Yakima, WA   CHS Inc   Yakima, WA 
 Driver, Hazmat Truck - Sioux Falls, SD   CHS Inc   Sioux Falls, SD 
 Driver, Hazmat Truck, Des Moines, IA   CHS Inc   Des Moines, IA 
 Driver, Hazmat Truck - Sioux City, IA   CHS Inc   Sioux City, IA 
09/23/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Weyauwega, WI 
09/23/21  Driver, LP Delivery Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Oconto Falls, WI 
09/23/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Hannaford, ND 
09/23/21  Full Time Driver, Truck - Chinook, MT   CHS Inc   Chinook, MT 
09/23/21  Driver/Delivery Spec - Denver, CO   CHS Inc   Denver, CO 
09/22/21  Agronomy Truck Driver F/T Walla Walla   CHS Inc   Walla Walla, WA 
09/22/21  CDL Class A Driver-Litchville, ND   CHS Inc   Litchville, ND 
09/22/21  Seasonal Driver   CHS Inc   Newark, IL 
09/22/21  Feed Mill CDL Driver   CHS Inc   Dickinson, ND 
09/22/21  Driver/Delivery Specialist Wichita, KS   CHS Inc   Wichita, KS 
09/22/21  Fuel Truck Driver- Grangeville F/T   CHS Inc   Grangeville, ID 
09/22/21  Hazmat Driver- Plainview TX   CHS Inc   Plainview, TX 
09/22/21  Full Time CDL Driver/Laborer-New Salem, ND   CHS Inc   New Salem, ND 
09/22/21  Fuel Truck Driver F/T- Walla Walla   CHS Inc   Walla Walla, WA 
09/22/21  Driver, Truck - Seasonal   CHS Inc   Fergus Falls, MN 
09/21/21  Driver, Truck - Plainview, TX   CHS Inc   Ropesville, TX 
09/21/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck, Pasco, WA   CHS Inc   Pasco, WA 
09/21/21  Seasonal Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Crookston, MN 
09/21/21  Truck Driver (Seasonal)   CHS Inc   Carrollton, IL 
09/21/21  Operations Specialist / CDL Driver   CHS Inc   Dupree, SD 
09/21/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Plainview, TX 
09/21/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Clinton, MN 
09/21/21  Seasonal Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Colby, KS 
09/21/21  Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Glendive, MT 
09/21/21  Custom Applicator/Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Corsica, SD 
09/20/21  Seasonal Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Browns Valley, MN 
09/20/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck - Council Bluffs, IA   CHS Inc   Council Bluffs, IA 
09/20/21  Driver, Truck (Seasonal)   CHS Inc   Herman, MN 
09/20/21  Seasonal Part Time Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Rockford, WA 
09/20/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck- Des Moines   CHS Inc   Des Moines, IA 
09/20/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck- Rapid City SD   CHS Inc   Rapid City, SD 
09/20/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Norfolk, NE 
09/20/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck- Dubuque IA   CHS Inc   Dubuque, IA 
09/20/21  Truck Driver and Applicator   CHS Inc   Baker, MT 
09/20/21  Truck Driver-Mooreton, ND   CHS Inc   Mooreton, ND 
09/20/21  Operations Specialist / Driver   CHS Inc   Fairfax, SD 
09/19/21  Driver/Delivery Specialist McPherson, KS   CHS Inc   McPherson, KS 
09/19/21  Truck Driver (seasonal)   CHS Inc   Waverly, IL 
09/19/21  Truck Driver- Valley City, Litchville and LaMoure, ND   CHS Inc   Valley City, ND 
09/19/21  Seasonal Driver, Truck - Broadview   CHS Inc   Broadview, MT 
09/19/21  Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Mooreton, ND 
09/19/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck - Laurel, MT   CHS Inc   Laurel, MT 
09/19/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Fergus Falls, MN 
09/19/21  Full Time Driver- Milnor, ND   CHS Inc   Milnor, ND 
09/19/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Prescott, WA 
09/19/21  Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Kindred, ND 
09/19/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck - Chippewa Falls, WI   CHS Inc   Chippewa Falls, WI 
09/18/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck - Missoula, MT   CHS Inc   Missoula, MT 
09/18/21  Local Driver, Hazmat - Yakima   CHS Inc   Yakima, WA 
09/18/21  LP Delivery / Truck Driver (Full Time)   CHS Inc   Chehalis, WA 
09/18/21  Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Waverly, IL 
09/18/21  Full Time Driver, Truck - Havre, MT   CHS Inc   Havre, MT 
09/18/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck- Sioux Falls   CHS Inc   Sioux Falls, SD 
09/18/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck North Platte, NE   CHS Inc   Sioux Falls, SD 
09/18/21  Propane Driver- Milnor, ND   CHS Inc   Milnor, ND 
09/18/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Chokio, MN 
09/18/21  Utility Fuel Truck Driver F/T- Lewiston   CHS Inc   Lewiston, ID 
09/18/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck - Spokane, WA   CHS Inc   Spokane Valley, WA 
09/18/21  Hazmat Driver- Grand Forks   CHS Inc   Grand Forks, ND 
09/18/21  Truck Driver (seasonal)   CHS Inc   Pocahontas, IL 
09/18/21  Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Elrosa, MN 
09/18/21  Driver, Non-Hazmat Truck- Sioux Falls   CHS Inc   Sioux Falls, SD 
09/18/21  Local Driver, Hazmat Graingeville, ID   CHS Inc   Grangeville, ID 
09/18/21  Driver, Bulk Feed Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Weyauwega, WI 
09/18/21  Driver, Truck - CO Seasonal   CHS Inc   White Lake, SD 
09/17/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck - Moses Lake, WA   CHS Inc   Moses Lake, WA 
09/17/21  Seasonal Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Tracy, MN 
09/17/21  Hazmat Driver- Willmar, MN   CHS Inc   Willmar, MN 
09/17/21  Truck Driver (Temp/Seasonal)   CHS Inc   Herman, MN 
09/17/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Corsica, SD 
09/17/21  Custom Applicator/Driver   CHS Inc   Kendrick, ID 
09/17/21  Driver, Truck - CO Seasonal   CHS Inc   Herman, MN 
09/17/21  Seasonal Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Wilmot, SD 
09/17/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck - Great Falls, MT   CHS Inc   Grand Forks, ND 
09/17/21  Full Time Driver, Truck - Kershaw, MT   CHS Inc   Fort Benton, MT 
09/17/21  Operations Specialist / Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Moscow, ID 
09/16/21  Applicator/Driver   CHS Inc   Ethan, SD 
09/16/21  Propane Driver- Kindred, ND   CHS Inc   Kindred, ND 
09/16/21  Seasonal Driver- Glyndon, MN   CHS Inc   Glyndon, MN 
09/16/21  Hazmat Driver- Madison/Milwauke   CHS Inc   Inver Grove Heights, MN 
09/16/21  Hazmat Driver- Cedar Rapids, IA   CHS Inc   Cedar Rapids, IA 
09/16/21  Driver, Truck - CO - Seasonal   CHS Inc   Long Prairie, MN 
09/16/21  LP Delivery / Truck Driver (Full Time)   CHS Inc   Lynden, WA 
09/16/21  Driver, Truck - CO   CHS Inc   Long Prairie, MN 
09/16/21  Truck Driver   CHS Inc   Mantador, ND 
09/16/21  Truck Driver (Seasonal)   CHS Inc   Browns Valley, MN 
09/16/21  Truck Driver (Full Time)   CHS Inc   Kendrick, ID 
09/15/21  Driver, Hazmat Truck   CHS Inc   Pasco, WA 
09/15/21  Operations Specialist / CDL Driver   CHS Inc   Gettysburg, SD 
09/15/21  Truck Driver Seasonal   CHS Inc   Shipman, IL 
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