Posted March 4, 2020

Make Your Cab a Home Away from Home

By Grace Tino

If there's one thing people picture as the icon of the trucker lifestyle, it's the trucker cabs! When you're on the road, your cab is your home. You'll be spending nearly full days there, and even sleeping in there at night. A key to maintaining a happy and healthy trucker lifestyle is making your cab as comfortable as possible, whether it is a day cab or a sleeper cab. Setting it up with the right gear will make all the difference in your working environment and driving experience for the long haul!

Decorating your cab in your style lets you take part of home with you. So, when thinking of what to bring for the empty walls, bring some of your favorite things from home. In other words, decorate it your way. Some drivers even lay carpets on the floor of the cab not only to improve how it looks, but so it is comfortable to walk in. Put up some pictures of family and friends, posters of your favorite bands, and even some string lights to turn on at night. Adding touches of your life at home and off duty makes being on the road for long periods of time much easier.

As you know already, a good night's rest is key to maintaining your health as a driver. If you're spending your nights in a sleeper cab, it is important to make it a comfortable environment to not just work in but rest in. Invest in quality pillows that provide support, as well as the right type of comforter for the temperatures you're in. Small fans or heaters are good ways to regulate the temperature to a comfortable one. Small curtains can block out any annoying lights and add a touch of privacy. For day cabs and sleeper cabs, investigate different chair support pillows to ease any back pain you may feel while driving.

Technology is another tool you can use in rigging up your driver cab for maximum comfort. Many truckers opt to keep a tv, DVD players, and their laptops in their cabs. It's even possible to bring along gaming consoles to keep you entertained when you're not driving! Pack the technologies you see as necessities for keeping you feeling comfortable and busy depending on the length of your haul. Don't forget to stock up on food. There's no doubt you're going to get hungry here and there while driving, but this doesn't always mean you need to stop and buy some food. If you pack your favorite snacks, as well as some water, you'll always have something in reach to quell your hunger. Remember to try to keep them healthy so you feel full and energized. If possible, in a larger sleeper cab, you can even keep a crockpot, mini fridge, or microwave for fresher homemade food.

Finally, although it's a lot easier said than done, do your best to keep your cab clean. Clutter and trash will only make the cab feel smaller, dirtier, and less comfortable. With such limited space to work with, it's important to make the most of it, and any extra trash isn't going to help. Plus, any clutter can get in your way when you try to maneuver around tight quarters or get up at night. Organization is key as well; make use of all the cabinet space in your cab to store your things and keep things tidy. While your cab isn't necessarily the most luxurious place to stay, it has a lot of potential to become comfortable as your work and relaxation environment. Try thinking of your cab as your home away from home. One last note - as you stock up on cab equipment, be sure to check with your employer that everything is good to go!