Posted June 5, 2020

Some Things Only Truckers Can Understand

By Grace Tino

The trucker life is certainly a unique one. On the road for days, weeks, to months, truckers have developed a culture all their own. Trucking is not just a career for most drivers - it is a lifestyle. With all that time on the road, truckers experience things other people could never imagine. Truckers are undoubtedly essential to our economy and society, but that's not the only thing trucker family members share with each other. With all that travel, hard work, and dedication, there are some things only truckers understand!

You might be a trucker if:

  • You ALWAYS know the weather forecast. Since the weather is a key factor in your driving time as well as safety, you've basically become a weather person yourself. Half trucker, half meteorologist: a unique driver talent!
  • You know that four-wheelers can be the worst. You constantly watch out for them because they just don't seem to get how to drive around your truck. In fact, you probably have too many stories to count of four-wheelers cutting you off, passing on the right, or blocking you in on a busy city street.
  • You're able to talk out loud and have full conversations with yourself. Maybe you try out a few accents to practice or come up with "I spy" games to keep your mind occupied. Whatever it is, you know you're often your own best friend when you're spending hours driving in your cab, and you're well-practiced in being creative. There's nothing wrong with thinking out loud!
  • You talk to your truck like it's a person - and maybe even name it. Have you ever hit a pothole and said "Oh no, I'm so sorry honey, are you okay?" Have you lovingly patted the hood of your cab and said "Good job" after a long day on the road? Yep, you're definitely a trucker. Since truckers spend hours every day in their cab and rely on it for their income, it's no wonder cabs become more than just a vehicle- they're a special home.
  • You've always got audiobooks, music playlists, and podcasts in your arsenal to listen to. When you're spending hours staring at the open road, listening to stories, news shows, music, and more becomes an essential part of passing time. They're no longer hobbies, they're part of your routine- and your sanity!
  • You're a master at on-the-road cooking. Since your cab is basically a mobile apartment, you've mastered the art of cooking in a small space with limited tools. Crockpots, portable electric stoves, and toaster ovens are some cooking staples you'll find in a trucker's cab. You're pretty much a five-star chef on wheels!

How many of these can you check off as something you do? No matter what types of loads you haul, the distance, or region, there are so many commonalities that bond truckers together. Though you may be on the road alone, your trucker family is always one that will be by your side. The JobsInTrucks team is happy to support truckers by providing thousands of driver opportunities to keep them on the road. Thank you for all your hard work and keep on trucking!