Posted September 8, 2021

Driver Appreciation is a Year-Round Necessity

By Grace Tino

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is just around the corner, taking place from September 12th through the 18th. This week is reserved as a special time to honor and thank truckers for their hard work, dedication, and sacrifices. With over 3.5 million professional drivers in the industry, the country relies on these men and women to deliver everyday goods, healthcare supplies, food, and more. As a trucker, you carry the country on your wheels! The supply chain struggles brought on by COVID-19 have further demonstrated the importance of truckers and the roles they play in our daily lives, making this year’s appreciation week a special one. However, truckers work hard no matter what time of the year it is, and one week is not enough time for businesses to show their support and gratitude. Companies in the industry are implementing new ways to show appreciation year-round for their road warriors!

Companies are now demonstrating their appreciation right from the start! The onboarding process is a crucial time for feeling welcome and comfortable in a new work culture; the first few weeks in a new job can be challenging and intimidating for any experienced trucker. Industry leaders are looking to take a proactive approach towards bringing in new drivers with more dynamic training options. Employers who know that drivers are crucial members of their team will take a proactive approach during the onboarding process. Companies that invest their time by offering mentoring programs, hands-on training, and personal introductions show that they care about the success of their employees.

Employers are also improving their benefits packages to show drivers their hard work is respected and valuable. Long hours on the road day after day certainly warrant benefits that match! Key benefits companies are improving include pay/compensation, home time/flexible hours, weigh station bypass service provided, medical insurance, and internet access. Being appreciated means being compensated fairly for the hard work you do!

As a trucker, you are a frontline worker of the supply chain industry. You are the eyes and ears of a company on the road and your feedback holds immeasurable value. Strong companies realize the value of their truckers’ ideas and are offering different ways for drivers to enact company change and culture improvement. For example, feedback regarding training and onboarding are invaluable for improving any issues that directly impact you as a driver that management may be overlooking. Drivers also can provide great hands-on insight for improving company procedures and customer service. Your voice as a trucker holds a lot of importance; many companies are making meetings with drivers more frequent and accessible to be inclusive of their thoughts and concerns.

In addition to giving truckers a voice, companies that appreciate their drivers realize the importance building relationships. “Thank you’s” from leadership can mean a lot if you are feeling disconnected and under-appreciated. Social media has opened opportunities to build relationships with truckers. Companies can post shout-outs, share significant accomplishments, and give you a chance to engage in the comments. Social media also gives you the opportunity to build a support system with other drivers, so you never feel out of the loop when on a haul. Awards and giveaways are some exciting initiatives companies are implementing to show their drivers appreciation. Many companies have created programs that recognize outstanding drivers throughout the year. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are all places where drivers can get updates on award programs and winners. Some prizes you can win include company swag, restaurant vouchers, extra time-off, and gift cards. Other companies are taking an even more personal approach towards thanking their drivers with phone calls, texts, and emails. Some even send “welcome back” messages after you return from a long trip!

Giveaways and awards are fun programs to recognize truckers that go above and beyond. However, the “giving” does not stop here when it comes to employers who appreciate their truckers. You are always in need of job essentials such as services to your equipment, work gear, tools, and even food; you might often feel that you need to pay for these items yourself. Fleets are investing in up-to-date quality equipment that allows your job performance to shine with less complications. Companies also find retailers that supply work equipment such as clothes and tools, as well as restaurants or truck stops, that offer coupons and discounts to truckers. A supportive company is one that sets you up for success, and that starts by providing the gear to do so.

As a trucker, you have made not just a career but a lifestyle choice that sacrifices many luxuries others might take for granted. Truckers spend hours, days, or even weeks living in their cabs while completing routes away from family and friends. You are part of the 3.5 million men and women that have taken on the road warrior challenge. You are dedicated to keeping the economy moving and providing people with the goods they need not only in times of emergency; you have been dedicated throughout your entire career. The team at JobsInTrucks appreciates all that you do and is thankful there are truckers on the road like you!

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