Posted November 4, 2021

What to Bring to Hiring Events

By Grace Tino

In an effort to combat the ongoing driver shortage, trucking companies have been holding hiring events to connect one-on-one with driver job seekers and improve their hiring processes. After taking a break for a year due to COVID-19 concerns, hiring events are making a strong comeback! Driver hiring events present numerous opportunities to job seekers of all levels and specialties. Rather than relying solely on an online application or brief job descriptions, hiring events give drivers the chance to speak directly with recruiters about the company, open positions, and the application process.

Drivers get a special opportunity for one-on-one conversations with recruiters at hiring events, which makes them an excellent option for those seeking immediate employment. You can apply directly with the help of recruiters, ask questions, and even participate in interviews. For drivers who are not necessarily looking to apply to specific jobs just yet, hiring events offer opportunities to explore various companies and their openings and get a feel for the industry environment. Hirings events are typically either held by a single company or include numerous companies as a job fair, so do your research on companies and attendees.

Hiring events might sound intimidating, but with proper preparation, they’ll be a surefire way to your next job! Here’s a list of essentials (and some extras for bonus points!) you need to bring to your next hiring event:

  1. Your Resume: Always look over your resume before bringing it to an event, just like you would with an online application. Update your experiences where necessary and tailor your resume to the company or specific job if possible. It is important to print out several copies of your resume to leave with recruiters, especially if you plan to fill out an application in-person or there are multiple companies present. Much like with online applications, your resume will serve as a chance to stand out from other drivers who might be attending to apply for the same positions as you.
  2. Appointment Details: Some hiring events ask that drivers make an appointment ahead of time to speak with recruiters. Once you schedule your time slot, print out any confirmation details in case you need to present them to recruiters before it can begin (and so you don’t forget!).
  3. A Smile: Personality goes a long way with hiring events. Even if you are not going in for an interview, making an impression is still important. Use the in-person format to your advantage and show your enthusiasm for your career and the trucking industry. Additionally, personality and professionalism are also reflected in your attire. While most trucking industry hiring events are casual, take care in assembling your outfit. Wear clean and neat clothes to make the right impression!
  4. Questions: A good strategy to engage the attention of a recruiter is having questions prepared about the job and the company itself. Write down any thoughts or concerns you may have in a notebook to bring up for discussion, and bring a pen to take notes and answers.
  5. Folder: A folder will be an important way to stay organized during a hiring event. Your folder can carry your notes, questions, and resumes as well as hold any materials you get. Recruiters will have forms, resources like brochures, and other items available for you to take home and refer to in the future.

As mentioned before, COVID-19 had a major impact on hiring events and strategies in the trucking industry. While many companies have started in-person events again, others are creating online events that are more accessible to prospective drivers with safety concerns or travel conflicts. However, online hiring events still require similar materials and preparation as you will still be speaking with recruiters directly. Dress in a neat outfit, project enthusiasm, have your resume handy, and prepare questions. Scheduling appointments are especially important for online hiring events since there will not be “walk-in” options. Be sure to set up a proper workspace, including reliable wifi, a quiet environment, and web camera.

Trucking companies are continuously increasing their recruiting efforts to find drivers, particularly now with the holiday season here and high demand in the supply chain industry. As a driver, the job market is now in your favor! There are ample opportunities available for all routes, hauls, and schedules, and your perfect fit is waiting for your application. JobsInTrucks is the best resource for top trucking jobs with companies that also have frequent hiring events, start your search here!