How do you get traffic to your site?
Aside from our direct traffic, we pay to cross-post and sponsor our clients' jobs to a variety of top PPC platforms. We are also compliant with Google for Jobs rules and guidelines, gaining additional exposure to our clients' jobs. In addition, we exhibit at major trucking and transportation trade shows, we send out monthly newsletters to over 100K drivers each month, we partner with driver schools across the country, and we do extensive social media and SEO marketing.

Do you have a company profile/about me section?
We include full branding in all of your job listings at no extra cost when you purchase standard postings or job slots. Additionally, you can purchase a dedicated company profile page with more information about your company linking to a searchable list of all of your jobs.

What are driver alerts?
With the purchase of our job posting or job slot campaigns you receive direct driver applications and direct driver phone calls. In addition to driver applications, we can also send you NEW geo-targeted driver leads, who match your specific hiring criteria but haven't applied to your ad at the time they are sent. These are real-time driver job seekers that have registered on our board and have opted-in to be contacted about new opportunities.

Do you accept XML/HTML job feeds?
Yes! Our XML feed requirements can be found here. We are flexible and can take most XML feeds that you currently have set up as well, or we can set up to pull the jobs directly from your career section if you don't currently have an XML feed available.

How many times a day do you refresh/pull feeds? And what time of day?
Twice a day - early morning and in the afternoon. We operate Eastern Standard Time. This will ensure that your jobs always include the most up-to-date information, and any expired jobs are removed immediately.

Are you integrated with any driver Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?
Yes, we are fully integrated with Tenstreet, EBE, and DriverReach.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept all major credit cards at no extra cost. We also accept payments via check and ACH.

Do you offer a free trial?
Any new account with has instant access to preview our database in real-time for free. Filter drivers by experience, trucks driven, license, location, and desired route. With a paid subscription, candidate contact information becomes available.

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Still have questions?
Call and speak with a customer service representative at 877-562-7678 or email us at